One kilo of Dutch cheese will become unsaleable in Hong Kong because the carbon tax would add about 20 euros per kg upon the current price of ±10 euros. Somebody who buys a car (also an electric one) will get a shock about the very high price, because the Wuppertal Institut stated in Der Spiegel of 12-08-2017 that "In the environmental balance sheet of a car, 60 to 70 percent of the resource used happens in the production phase, and only 30 to 40 percent in the usage phase". Or buying a flower? According to a study by the Lancaster University, a UK resident who buys a bunch of dutch flowers (11 stems) is responsible for 31 kg of CO2-eq greenhouse gases according to LCA analysis. So that would become a bouquet of flowers for a total of 31 + 5 (actual price) = 36 euros. By the way, if someone does this once a week, they or he will emit over 1½ tons per year only to fill the flower vase. Too absurd and too criminal for words, because in order to meet the Paris targets, 1½ tons would have to become everyone's ultimate total annual emission limit.