It causes huge labour migration flows all over the world with all the alienation and family distortions that goes with it. Labour migrants flow on the one hand to special economic zones and export processing zones (EPZ's) in cheap wage countries, on the other hand to rich countries to do the shitjobs while the ladies and gentlemen regulate and innovate the long chains and epilate themselves. Above the radar (ILO data), some 120 million labour migrants enter the US, EU, and Arab states every year. And below the radar? When I read that 300,000 German elderly people receive 24-hour nursing care at home from Eastern European women and that 90% of them are paid undeclared, or that 1.2 million dutch households have a cleaning lady mostly a undocumented one and mostly paid undeclared, or that the UK's shadow economy includes a million 'undocumented' migrant workers, I start some wondering.