We have established a fairly efficient global economy. It is an interaction economy. Runs actually all about transportation and transfer. It's an exchange circus; enormously energy-dependent and energy-consuming. First of all, we did split up all production processes (and connected in serie) and geographically disseminated, and scaled up every particle, so we have to transport everything back and forth. In addition, we did specialize each human effort in relation to those processes to the bone, so that we are constantly busy connecting the inputs from one to the outputs of the other. Second, within that whole circus there's a huge mass of research and design activity (i.e. growth ignition) to ensure that tomorrow everyone takes a step different, better and faster than his competitor can run, because all that specializing, scaling up, splitting up, and relocating is outcome of a competition between countries, organisations, and individuals to attract as much exchanges in a particular area as possible in order to provide livelihoods.