For example, this one about cloud formation. The validity and accuracy of mathematical prediction models suggested with a poker face is completely nonsense. Reality is thousands of times more fine grained and thousands of times more complex in their operating than those models contain. Plus that an abundance of really dangerous positive loops − such as the workings around permafrost, viruses, algae, deep sea, earthquakes, volcanoes, and ozone hole − are not integrated in it (as says Rockström himself, see also the further model shortcomings that Jem Bendell recently indicated in his response to criticism of his propositions). They are undirected try-outs from back-seat drivers who don't know the limits of the edge. People with experience are much more reliable to signal when and what needs to be done, and especially when you need to take cover. We've known for a long time that the number of ppm's per year continues to grow mercilessly, in line with constantly increasing world trade volumes and carbon emissions, so there was no point to continue with comma fucking of mathematical models. The danger signals have long been convincing enough to put very large spokes in the wheels of this deaf and blindly spinning global exchange circus and to be able to justify it morally. But no, this didn't happen. And so, on the basis of seemingly scientifically valid insight into meteorological expansion space, the fossil investors and fossil addicts have run up a life-threatening path, themselves further and further maneuvered to the edge of the abyss and tolerated. Twenty years ago (when the North Pole began to melt unusually quickly and unusual hot summers were arising, and forest fires increased dramatically) we should have acutely renounced fossil fuels, but we continued to step up its use in such a absurd way that now we can't take a single punch more or all humanity is going to disappear.